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The story so far was conceived in response to the World Trade Center attack on 11th September 2001. There was an obvious and pressing need to create a facility to help people locate their loved ones following the tragedy.

Within hours after news of the attack reached me I had established a basic but functional website which enabled people to post details of missing people, together with photos and contact details. The site was created with the help and support of several companies who provided software and facilities free of charge. See the PRNewswire Press Release | Read Article in my Local Paper

Over the days, weeks and months that followed, the site was visited by many thousands of people and more than 5,000 names were added to our database. I'm happy to say that somewhere in excess of 150 survivors and their families were reunited with the help of Even today, some 5 years on, a Google search for trying to find you returns at the top of the results.

TRYINGTOFINDYOU.COM had shown the power of the internet and its potential for helping people connect with each other. It was obviously fulfilling a need. As time passed, however, a dream began to emerge.

My dream...